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This Cooking Staple Can Also Remove Soap Scum

A woman wiping down a shower stall.
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Most people stock cooking spray in the kitchen for nonstick frying and baking, but there’s another room in your home where it might come in handy.

It turns out that cooking spray might just be the secret to removing soap scum in the bathroom.

You’ve likely tried everything from traditional cleaners to vinegar and baking soda to get an ultra-clean shower. While all of those methods work, some actual grease might take a bit of the ole elbow grease out of the process.

Just don’t grab the Crisco and go to town, though—it’s cooking spray you want.

Over time, soap scum and mineral deposits from hard water build up on your shower doors, making them difficult to clean. The oil base in cooking spray actually breaks down the scum and mineral deposits—something other cleaners can’t do as effectively, as they don’t have an oil base.

To try it out, simply do a quick spray over the doors, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe them down. Poof! Scum gone!

Of course, you might then want to go back and reclean with something that doesn’t smell like Pam (and to remove any lingering residue). However, you won’t need to scrub so hard your forearm feels like you just got back from the gym.

If you want to make your bathroom cleaning routine even easier, try this TikTok bathtub cleaning hack.

[Via House Digest]

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