This Is the Most Popular Houseplant on TikTok

Someone potting a cactus.

So, you’ve made a TikTok recipe for dinner and maybe even added a DIY marble candle to your décor. Now, it’s time to turn to TikTok to find your next houseplant.

Okay, sure, buy whatever houseplant you like (and can keep alive). If you’re looking to get trendier with your home accents, though, a cactus might be where it’s at.

FlowerCard, a floral arrangement company in the United Kingdom, used plant education and sales site Hortology’s extensive to compile its initial list. It then used hashtags of plants’ common and botanical names, as well as overall video views, to suss out the top plant on TikTok worldwide.

Turns out, people are really into cacti. They wiped the floor with the competition, receiving over 8 million views on the platform, while second-place finisher, lavender, received just over 2 million.

Why is a cactus such a popular houseplant?

FlowerCard only slightly weighed in, attributing it to the plant’s heartiness. And it’s true—cacti are some of the toughest houseplants you can have.

They do fine in the dry air commonly found in homes and apartments. During spring and summer, you only have to water them enough to keep the compost moist, and in winter, you barely need to water them at all.

If you find it hard to keep a houseplant alive but really want to become TikTok’s next big plant influencer, a cactus collection might be the way to go.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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