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This TikTok Sock-Folding Method Is Actually Soothing

A woman folds ankle socks into a perfect compact square.

Sure, no one will ever fold clothes and organize a closet like Marie Kondo, but this new TikTok sock-folding method might get you pretty close.

TikTok content creator, Lennia McCarter (@lenniamc), has amassed a whopping 1.2 million views on a video all about how to fold socks. Sure, sock folding might not sound that exciting to you, but for organization lovers, it’s practically an ASMR video.

In this short clip, McCarter places two ankle socks in a “T” formation. Then, she folds the bottom of the sock placed vertically upward and folds the top downward. Next, she folds the horizontal sock over the top forming a square.

Finally, she takes an exposed elastic end and wraps it around the entire square to create a perfect compact, secured little set of socks.


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The video is just one among the plethora of organization and laundry-based videos that have gone viral on the app. From folding towels like a hotel to the perfect way to organize jeans, TikTok has way more than delicious snacks and cleaning hacks.

[Via Hunker]

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