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Wanna Get Married in Space? You Can Book Your Capsule Right Now

A Space Perspective Capsule above Earth.
Space Perspective

If you’re having trouble booking a wedding venue (and don’t mind waiting a few more years), why not get hitched in space?

No, this isn’t a joke. You can book your voyage for 2025 or beyond with Florida-based firm, Space Perspective. Then, on the big day, you, your honey, and six guests (flights are limited to a total of eight, plus the pilot) will board a space capsule, and say “I do” 100,000 feet above the Earth. Talk about surreal!

The entire trip takes six hours, and you’ll get 360-degree views of Earth while you’re up there. You can even take pictures through the non-glare windows. Talk about Instaworthy! “Ah, nice pic of your dinner. Here’s a shot of the planet from the stratosphere.”

Onboard, everyone gets to enjoy a comfy reclining seat, drinks from the bar, free Wi-Fi, and picture-perfect views from the aforementioned windows. Of course, there’s also a restroom. And if you’re wondering exactly how drinks, dining, and restroom use work in what seems to be a big space pod, rest easy about the logistics.

You’ll be very far up, but nowhere near the distance from Earth required to experience free-floating microgravity like the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Think of it more as being in the world’s highest-flying First Class cabin.

Concerns about floating away put to rest, how does this all work exactly?

According to Space Perspective, the capsule is propelled by a hydrogen-filled “space balloon” the size of a football field. It takes off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Station and travels roughly 12 mph on ascent/descent (the balloon deflates to descend).

For a landing, you splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean, so everyone can enjoy a post-nuptials dip (just kidding: the thing supposedly floats on water just as easily as it does on air).

The company’s website also assures customers that the technology is completely safe and has been used by NASA and global governments for decades. Oh, yeah, it’s also completely emissions-free, so environmental bonus!

Of course, like just about everything else, there’s a downside, and in this case, it’s the cost. Booking a space capsule for your wedding (birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion) will run you $125,000, with an $8,000 deposit due when you book.

Did we mention it has free Wi-Fi?

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