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If You’ve Got Plastic Bags, You Can Make Your Own Ice Cream

A woman shows the ingredients it takes to make ice cream in a bag.
Pretty Povidence/YouTube

I scream, you scream, we all scream for … ice cream in a bag?

While it might sound a bit out of the ordinary, you can actually make ice cream in a plastic bag with just a few ingredients. Plus, the whole process takes only 15 minutes.

Sarah Skaggs and Jessica Bailey, creators of the blog Pretty Providence, are the minds behind this treat. All you need is two plastic bags (one larger than the other), some half-and-half, vanilla extract, sugar, ice cream salt, and ice.

Pour the half-and-half, vanilla, and sugar in the smaller bag, let out any extra air, and then seal it. Add the ice and ice cream salt to the larger bag. Then, just place the smaller bag inside, seal the bag with the ice in it, and then shake for 15 minutes.

Yes, you can eat it straight out of the bag.

According to Ben Van Leeuwen, CEO and co-founder of New York-based ice cream brand Van Leeuwen, this method works because of the salt. It causes the temperature to drop rapidly to one that will freeze the water inside the ice cream ingredients, creating that frozen texture we all love.

So, next time you’re craving some ice cream, just grab the salt and some ice! Or, you can always try the mason jar hack.

[Via CNN]

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