Moving? Pack and Unpack Using the ABC Method

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Moving is the worst. If there’s a way to make the process a bit more seamless, wouldn’t you? That’s where the ABC method of unpacking comes in.

What’s the ABC method, you ask? Well, it’s an alphabet system of unpacking created by Mary Carlomagno, author and organizing expert. It helps you prioritize which boxes to pack or unpack first.

Essentially, your pack your boxes based on importance. For example, the “A” group would be comprised of items you frequently use and need, like toiletries, the coffee maker, and any must-have electronics.

In the “B” group, you’d also pack items you need, but don’t use every day. Think cleaning supplies, nonessential dishes, and appliances.

Finally, there’s group “C.” Here’s where you’d pack things you rarely use, like holiday decorations, off-season clothing, and collections of things, like books and DVDs.

Label each box with the appropriate group letter. Then, when you’re in your new place, unpack the “A” boxes first and finish with the “C’s.” This way, your items will be unpacked and available based on priority.

Easy, peasy, right? So, what are you waiting for? Grab those packing supplies and get to labeling!

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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