This Composer Will Turn Your Pet Into a Symphony

A Golden Retriever wearing headphones and listening to music.

Are your cat’s meows or dog’s barks music to your ears? What if your furbaby could actually become a piece of music?

That’s what Sympawnies does! Musician Noam Oxman will turn a photo of your pet into a piece of sheet music from a symphony. And yes, the songs are actually real and can be played!

The image you’ll receive is the photo you send of your pet transformed into a beautiful bit of sheet music. In the corner, there’s a QR code you can scan to listen to a mini symphony inspired by your precious pet.

Currently, the best way to order one of these symphonic portraits of your pet is by messaging Oxman on Facebook or Instagram. He’s also included a handy price guide on his social media. Smaller portraits average around $300, while larger, full-body portraits can run up to $2,200 or more.

Understandably, the portraits can’t be too detailed and still be playable. However, Oxman attempts to capture each pet’s personality in the music—you can check out several of his creations on YouTube.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend who also has pets, or you want a Sympawny of your own furry friend, just drop Oxman a message.

[Via Daily Paws]

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