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The Best Sites for Finding Song Lyrics

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Have you ever discovered that you’ve been singing one of your favorite songs incorrectly all along? Instead of being embarrassed in front of your friends, these sites can help you find the real lyrics.

Google: Quick Results for Popular Songs

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Sometimes, all you want are the lyrics of the song, fast. In that case, your best is to search Google— type in the song’s name and add “lyrics” at the end.

If it’s a popular song, Google will likely display the lyrics of the song inside the search results, and you won’t even have to go to another website. It may be a hit or miss for some older or less popular songs.

Genius.com: For the Broadest Selection of Songs

genius.com home page

Genius.com is a crowdsourced lyrics website and a musical publication. It covers new music releases and music-related news in addition to hosting lyrics, claiming to have the biggest collection of music lyrics and music knowledge.

After searching, you can click on any song to reach the lyrics page, which will contain the lyrics, a song preview (from Apple Music), and additional information about the album and artist. Popular songs will also have lyrics translated into a few different languages—also contributed by the community.

Lyrics.com: Lets You Search by the Lyrics Themselves

lyrics.com home page

Lyrics.com is a website that hosts song lyrics, videos, and information about various artists and their albums. You can browse their lyric collection alphabetically or by using their search feature. You can search by albums, artists, or song names, like on most sites, but you can also search by the lyrics of a song.

Lyrics.com is excellent for when you remember some of the lyrics, but can’t quite place the song or artist. To explore new music, you can also use the new or random option which will show you the newly added song lyrics or lyrics of a random song.

LyricsMode: Helps Understand the Meaning of Lyrics

lyricsmode home page

LyricsMode is another lyric finding website with a collection of 700,000 songs from over 30,000 global artists. Similar to other sites, the lyrics are contributed by the community, and after creating an account, you can participate, too.

If you choose, you can have LyricsMode send you updates about your favorite artists over email. On the lyrics front, searching is the primary way to find lyrics of a song; it’s fast and lists artists and music by popularity. To understand the meaning of a song, highlight any part of the lyrics and click the request option.

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