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IKEA Greenhouses Are Social Media’s Latest Plant Trend

A white cabinet is filled with various plants as well as surrounded by multiple potted houseplants.

Whether it’s a result of more time spent at home or the need for some soothing greenery, plants are having a social media moment. The latest trend comes courtesy of IKEA. Kind of.

No, IKEA isn’t taking over the houseplant market yet (at least, not with real plants), but people are hacking the brand’s cabinets to make greenhouses.

So, what’s an IKEA greenhouse?

If you’ve shopped there before, you’ve likely seen IKEA’s glass cabinetry. There are a multitude of models, from tall and thin units perfect for smaller spaces to industrial designs. Essentially, people are building them, and then adding modifications to convert them into indoor greenhouses.

Once a cabinet is built (which is, arguably, the most difficult part of this DIY), you just add some grow lights to help your plants thrive. You’ll definitely want to do that if your cabinet is in a shaded area.

Then, depending on what you’re attempting to grow, you can add a small humidifier, or even a tray of water, to create the right climate inside. Monitor it all using a temperature and humidity monitor. Throw in a mini fan to keep the air moving, and boom! You’ve got a greenhouse.


A quick search on Instagram for #IKEAGreenhouseCabinet reveals over 22,000 results, while similar searches, like #IKEAGreenhouse, have over 5,000. There’s even an entire account dedicated to DIY units, and you can find greenhouse tours as well as how-tos on YouTube.

If you’re a certified plant pro and want to take things to the next level, an indoor greenhouse is certainly a unique idea.

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[Via Taste of Home]

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