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Ice Cream Charcuterie Boards Are Summer Desserts Done Right

A man using a serving dish to create an ice cream charcuterie board.

The heat is scorching, so when it comes to snacking, your usual pretzels and cheese table isn’t going to cut it. Enter, ice cream charcuterie boards.

Yes, an ice cream charcuterie board is exactly what it sounds like, and yes, it did come from TikTok. Content creator, @dwardcooks, whose real name is Ed, has racked up over 2 million views on his ice cream charcuterie board video, in which he explains exactly how to create your own.

This dessert grazing board features three different ice creams: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. They’re placed inside a serving container full of ice to keep them cold.

Around the ice-filled serving tray, Ed places practically every ice cream topping you could imagine. Cookies? Yep. Sprinkles? Of course. Chocolate sauce? Duh. Cherries? A must. The result is a colorful smorgasbord of dessert.


Why have a charcuterie board when you can have an ice cream board instead? #icecream #icecreamboard #summervibes #summervlog

♬ original sound - Ed - Dwardcooks

But this isn’t the first unique take on a grazing table.

Charcuterie boards have taken on a multitude of iterations over the last year and become a massive social media success. Earlier this month, s’mores boards were all the rage, and before that, there was chocolate charcuterie.

And these boards aren’t limited to humans, either; dogcuteries are now also officially a thing.

If you need snacks for your weekend get-together, try an ice cream (or s’mores, or chocolate, etc.) charcuterie board.

[Via Delish U.K.]

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