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The New Oreo Packaging Helps You Hide Your Cookies

Three packs of Oreo feature the brand's blue and white packaging with edges designed to look like other brands.

If you’ve ever hidden your Oreo cookies in a sock drawer to keep them away from your kids, roommate, or partner, the brand now has the perfect packaging for you.

We all know that iconic blue and white plastic wrapper of Oreo cookies, but it’s getting a bit of a makeover designed specifically to help you conceal your cookie stash.

The new packaging is part of the “Oreo Thins Protection Program.”

In this new themed packaging, the sides of Oreo Thins packs are transformed to look like a totally different item. The brand teamed up with FordBetter Homes & Gardens, Green Giant, and Hanes to craft its new look.

Want to hide your Oreos in a sock drawer away from your roommate? Oreo and Hanes teamed up to create a box that looks like its tagless T-shirt packaging. Are your kids always stealing your snacks? Make them look like frozen Green Giant Cauliflower.

The new look is extremely limited-edition: there are only 3,000 out in the wild. However, it’s always worth checking your local grocery aisle when you’re browsing for snacks.

If you can’t find them, you can always enter the brand’s sweepstakes. It put out a call for people to showcase their most creative Oreo hiding spots using #THINSProtectionProgram. Winners will get one of the limited edition packages, as well as a cool $25,000.

While the sweepstakes was intended for the average person on Twitter, other brands also got in on the action. For example, Lowe’s offered up a toolbox as an option.

Ikea thought a butcher block might be a good choice.

And Axe just went with the simplest option.

Even if you can’t find any Oreos in their new packaging at your local store, you can always grab a regular pack and air fry them. Because sometimes you win some … and win some. With Oreos, it’s always a win.

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