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Picking Out Your Outfit the Night Before Isn’t Just for Kids

woman picking out her outfit the night before
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Parents know how much easier mornings are when you pick out your kid’s outfit the night before. As an adult, you can work to streamline your morning routine by picking what you want to wear the day before.

More goes into picking an outfit than just grabbing pants and a shirt out of the closet. That’s precisely why so many of us end up feeling rushed in the morning. When you shift the selection and inspection process to the night before, things go much smoother.

  • You need to try things on: Not only does trying-on your potential outfits help you find things that go together well, but it also alerts you to clothing that may not be fitting right. Trying stuff on is time-consuming, so doing it the night before may help you be on time in the morning.
  • Check for wrinkles: Getting your outfit ready ahead of time gives you time to deal with creases and wrinkles. If you’re getting dressed last minute, you won’t have time to iron an outfit that needs some work.
  • Look for flaws: This is the best time to look for rips, holes, and even stains in your clothing. If you can see it, other people will likely be able to see it. For missing buttons and small tears, you give yourself time to put in some stitches by preparing ahead of time (if you really want to wear that item of clothing). For stains, you may have time to remove them and have a clean and dry garment by the morning.

When you’re prepping your outfit the night before, be sure to get everything together. You want to find the right shoes, the right undergarments, and the right accessories. Not all bras go well under all shirts. If you’re wearing something fitted, you may want no-line underwear. The right shoes and accessories can take as long to pick out as the outfit itself.

After all that effort, be sure to hang or nicely fold your garments, so they aren’t wrinkled when it’s time to get dressed the next day!

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