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Frozen Honey Is TikTok’s Latest Summer Food Trend

A woman holds a frozen bottle of honey, squeezes it, and bites off the top.
Eloise Fouladgar/TikTok

When you think of honey, you likely think of adding a bit to your tea. According to TikTok, it also makes a delicious frozen summer snack.

Yes, you did read that right. People are freezing honey in a water bottle, and then eating it as a cool treat.

The origins of this idea are unknown, but since it hit TikTok, the #frozenhoney tag has exploded with 371 million views. Most people posting in the hashtag make the treat the same way.

Just empty a water bottle, squeeze some honey into it, and then freeze it for eight hours or more. The honey will then squeeze up and out in a thick consistency, kind of like jelly. You can then just bite some off and chew it like candy.

For a thinner consistency, some have been mixing honey with corn syrup, but it’s not necessary for the snack. According to most who’ve tried it, the treat is delicious. After all, it is straight-up honey.


Reply to @sqiudward_smells Note to self: don’t eat three mouthfuls of honey in the morning, it will cause urgent bowel movement

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Since taking off, people have begun creating other versions of the snack. In a clever move, content creator, Melinda Strauss, used honey sticks instead of pouring the honey into a water bottle. Once frozen, it had the same consistency, but was in a smaller serving and easier to make.


WHY IS IT SO GOOD?!? #frozenhoney #tastetest #trend #tutorials #kosher #frozenhoneytrend

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Others have created completely new recipes, like Eloise Fouladgar’s frozen bubble tea.


trying FROZEN HONEY😳 what shall I try next..😨 #fyp #frozenhoney

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Drink and food content creator, Hailee, made a frozen honey latte.


frozen honey iced latte 🐻 🍯 🧸 #frozenhoney #frozenhoneytrend #cafeathome #coffeetiktok #viral

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But if frozen honey isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other viral desserts on TikTok you can enjoy this summer, including ice cream charcuterie boards and banana Snickers.

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