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8 Cleaning Essentials to Keep Right Under the Bathroom Sink

a sparkling clean bathroom with plenty of storage space under the sink

Cleaning products in the home are aplenty, so it’s important to find the perfect place to store them. Keeping the items you use to clean your bathroom under the vanity in that room is convenient.

Bathrooms need some special cleaning items that no other rooms need, including specific cleaners for your toilet. Here’s what you should consider keeping under your bathroom sink to ease cleaning and free up storage space elsewhere.

Tub and Sink Cleaners

Whether you’re using scrubbing bubbles or something else, keep all of your bathtub and sink cleaners under the bathroom sink. This includes liquid cleaners and dry cleaners (that help abrasively remove stuck-on grime), as well as a jug of white vinegar (for cleaning things like faucets and your showerhead) and some baking soda.

If you use bleach when you’re cleaning your shower curtains, you can keep it under the sink. For households with small children, use safety locks on any cupboard doors where you keep cleaning products and harsh chemicals.

Toilet Cleaner

Toilets are by far one of the dirtiest places in the house. Your dog might enjoy taking a drink out of there from time to time, but it is not a sanitary place and needs special cleaners to remove the human waste is left behind after you flush it.

Consider using both liquid or gel toilet cleaners and a cleaner that functions daily (some stick inside the toilet bowl, hooked over the base, and some go in the reservoir on the back of the toilet). Keep the spares under the sink. You can also keep your toilet brush in a holder under the sink if there’s space.

Glass Cleaner

Bathroom mirrors get splattered with toothpaste regularly, so having some glass cleaner readily handy is a great idea. Get in the habit of cleaning the bathroom mirror anytime you notice white splatters on it, and wipe it down when it’s steamy after a shower to save on glass cleaner, too.

Drain Cleaner

Kitchen drains clog because of food; bathroom drains get clogged with hair and products. Even if you have some clog remover under the sink in your kitchen, having some handy in the bathroom will help you out in a bind and ensure you have enough in the house to deal with any tough clogs.

Hand Soap

Under the sink is a great place to store extra hand soap. You can keep individual bottles down there or pick up a big bottle at Costco to refill your regular soap dispensers when they’re empty.

Rubber Gloves and Other Safety Supplies

When cleaning with bleach and other harsh chemicals, you want protection for your skin. Keep rubber gloves under the bathroom sink with your cleaning agents to make them easier to find. A dust mask can be helpful with chemicals that have a harsh smell.

Rags and Sponges

Pass on the paper towel when it’s time to clean the bathroom. Hold onto reusable rags and even rags on their last leg to use in bathroom cleaning. Toss rags you use with bleach (to protect clothing and household linens in the wash) and those you use to clean the grossest parts of the toilet. Wash and reuse the ones you clean the sink, tub, and mirror with (at least until they’re beyond reuse).

Extra Trash Bags

Depending on the size of your bathroom trash receptacle, you can sometimes stash a bag or two in the bottom of the trash can, under the bag in use. If you have a small trash can, or you do a lot of cleaning in your bathroom, having spare trash bags right under the bathroom sink will be convenient.

Organize It All

At this point you might be thinking, “That’s a lot of stuff!” and you wouldn’t be wrong. The last step is to do a little organizing. Free up space for your cleaning supplies and other under-the-sink items by adding shelves; add hooks and racks to the insides of the doors for rags and sponges.

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