How Ice Cubes Can Help Your Houseplants

Ice cubes sit on top of the soil of a houseplant.
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If you’re guilty of overwatering your houseplants, there’s an easy solution. And the best part is, it’s right in your freezer.

Overwatering can drown and kill plants, or lead to root rot, which will eventually kill their roots. But you can use ice cubes to water your plants just enough and make their upkeep much easier.

Just place a large ice cube, or a few small ones, on your plant’s soil once a week. Slowly, the cubes will melt, providing water for the roots and soil over a prolonged period of time. It also allows your plants ample time to absorb however much water they need.

This method is particularly useful for hanging plants or orchids, which need ample drainage. Since the water flow will be slow, you can avoid spillage and soggy bottoms.

If you’ve been overwatering your plants and the ice cube method isn’t working, there might still be a way to save them.

Stu Wilson, houseplant consultant and plant influencer, advises removing soggy, damaged roots and repotting the plant. Then, make sure it’s in a sunny spot with lots of airflow, and don’t water it again until the soil feels dry.

So, don’t worry, chronic overwaterers! There’s hope for your plants yet, and you might also want to look into bottom watering to keep them healthier.

[Via Country Living]

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