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Growing These Herbs Can Ward Off Bugs

A man prunes a set of herbs planted in steel pots in a kitchen.

No one wants bugs and pests to take up residence in their garden. Luckily, certain varieties of herbs can help keep them at bay.

Specific plants, like basil, sage, rosemary, and lemongrass, help ward off pests and also make delicious seasonings and drink garnishes.

For those looking to combat mosquitos, basil and lemongrass are some of the best options. Much like using essential oils on your skin as a repellant, the insects are put off by the scents of these herbs. They’re also grown in similar ways, requiring full sun for six to eight hours per day in well-drained pots.

If you want to cover more bug-based ground, though, opt for lemongrass over basil. Not only does it help with mosquitos, but it also aids in keeping flies, ticks, ants, and gnats away. And, fun fact: citronella (like the candles) is also derived from lemongrass.

To ward off insects inside your home, sage and rosemary are best. Both plants can prevent moths from entering when kept near doors and windows. They’ll also assist in repelling silverfish, another pest that, like moths, can ruin clothing and paper materials if they get inside.

While herbs aren’t a substitute for a good pest control company, if you’re adding plants to your garden or want to get a few houseplants, it won’t hurt to grab a few of these multitasking options.

Pest control and a delicious seasoning for chicken breast? Yes, please!

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