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This Is the Most Popular Condiment in America

Condiments on a table in a restaurant.

Condiments might not seem like a controversial topic, but just put some mayonnaise down in front of a group of people and see what happens. However, there’s one condiment people appear to agree is best.

Ketchup is the most popular condiment in the United States, at least according to Instacart. The grocery delivery company used marketplace sales data and surveyed 2,013 adults to determine the country’s most popular condiment.

When survey participants were asked which topping they’d use for the rest of their life, ketchup won, capturing 23% of the vote. Those who love ketchup have strong brand opinions, as well, according to Laurentia Romaniuk, trends expert at Instacart.

“One brand of ketchup, Heinz Classic Ketchup, dominates sales on Instacart and represents 52% of all ketchup sold via the platform,” Romaniuk said.

In addition to their love of ketchup, the participants also revealed the ketchup habits they’re most embarrassed about. For example, some eat ketchup on their mac n’ cheese, but of those who do, 48% said they’d feel self-conscious doing it in public.

Others even put ketchup on their eggs, but 24% said they’d also be too ashamed to do so in front of others.

Do you agree with the findings? If so, grab yourself a Heinz ketchup jigsaw puzzle to go with your hotdog.

[Via Eat This, Not That!]

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