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Hair Looks Flat? Try Putting Down the Volumizer

woman looking at her hair in the mirror, frustrated that she has over volumized it

When your hair looks limp or flat, it seems like common sense to reach for a volumizing product. But adding more volumizer to flat hair can make the problem worse, not better.

No, we’re not suggesting you should ditch volumizer entirely. But when you use volumizing hair products, keep this mantra in mind: “all things in moderation.”

A little bit of volumizer can go a long way—but too much can weigh your hair down and make it even limper. That’s because volumizers coat each strand of hair to add thickness and stiffness, giving you the illusion of more hair. But when you use too much, the added thickness will make your hair heavy and drag it down, creating the opposite effect.

How much volumizer is too much? It all depends on the product and your hair type. If you have thick hair, you can get away with using more product. But if you have fine or thin hair, it’s easy to go overboard with volumizing products.

To get the best results, start with a tiny amount of volumizer when you style your hair. See how it looks and then add a tiny bit more if you need to. Remember, it’s easy to add more product, but there’s no way to remove it aside from washing your hair. If your volumizer still isn’t working, even in small doses, try switching to a lighter formula like a spray instead of a cream.

Elyse Hauser Elyse Hauser
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