How to Turn IKEA Shelves Into a Bed (with Storage)

Three photos show a bed made from ikea shelves with multiple cubby holes.

Hacking IKEA furniture has not only become a pastime, it’s also a social media trend. Now, there’s a new way to use some of the brand’s famous pieces.

People on TikTok are making beds out of IKEA shelves because they’re an affordable, easy way to create underbed storage units. Most are using the brand’s KALLAX model because, unlike the popular Billy bookcase, these units are comprised of open cubbies with no backing.

The bed makers assemble two of the larger units (57-7/8 inches high) and lay them on their sides, parallel to one another. Then, two of the smaller units (30-3/8 inches high) are built to act as the head and foot of the bed.

The units are then attached to one another with hinges. A piece of plywood or bed slats are placed on top. All you need is a mattress, and then Boom! You’ve got an Ikea shelf bed.


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Not only is the bed affordable and easy to make, but you can also put cloth baskets in the cubbies to create even easier storage. This hack is particularly perfect for those who live in small spaces with limited storage options.


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These aren’t the only IKEA hacks that have gone viral on TikTok. People have also been converting cabinetry into greenhouses, and last year, a woman created fake built-ins with Billy bookshelves.

If you need an affordable bed, and you’re handy with an Allen wrench, it’s time to IKEA.

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