These Amazing Dioramas Pack Famous Literary Landscapes into Actual Books

Three photos show dioramas depicting scenes from famous literary works.
La Casa Delle Tre Befane/Etsy

Book lovers will be quick to tell you that fiction transports them to a different world. Now, a group of artists has taken that idea and turned it into real art.

The Italian artisans at La Casa Delle Tre Befane create amazing dioramas of famous literary landscapes inside actual books. The team is comprised of several artists who handcraft (yes, really) portraits, landscapes, and scenes from famous fiction, including Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Lord of the Rings.

To do this, they cut small openings into the spines or pages of the novels, hollow them out, and then fill them in with meticulously created pieces of art depicting a famous scene in the story.

And yes, these are perfectly designed to go on your bookshelf.

“Many years ago I was struck by the idea when I saw a diorama depicting a Japanese street,” said Angela Martinetti, an artisan at La Casa Delle Tre Befane. “It immediately occurred to me to make these objects inspired by my passion for fantasy books, and so my dioramas were born.”

You can purchase the literary dioramas from La Casa Delle Tre Befane’s Etsy shop. The models typically retail for around $215, but they aren’t the only items the artisans offer.

You can also purchase everything from wizard wands to re-creations of famous books in pop culture, like the Book of Shadows from Charmed.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect birthday gift for a lit lover, a diorama from their favorite fantasy world would definitely fit the bill.

[Via My Modern Met]

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