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This Is America’s Most Popular Home Design Style

A modern kitchen features gray marble, white handleless cabinets, and sleek counters.

While farmhouse style might still be alive and well, according to a new survey, it’s not America’s most popular. There’s a new look in town, and it might surprise you.

Wren Kitchens surveyed 2,000 U.S. citizens in July 2021 and discovered that modern is the top design trend. The look took the top spot in over one-quarter of U.S. states.

While you might not expect it, given the prevalence of farmhouse and rustic looks, Southern states were particularly fond of the trend. Arkansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina all favored the look.

But what exactly is considered modern? As styles like Scandi and Industrial—both of which share certain features with modern design—also made the list, Wren defined specifically what it meant by “modern” on the survey. Basically, it’s an overall minimalist approach with “sleek storage, broad countertops, and elegant appliances.”

As for specific elements, Wren cited integrated appliances, like hidden fridges, as well as handleless cabinetry, as creating a modern feel that offers “timeless charm.”

The brand’s new findings mirror its previous predictions for 2021 kitchens. Back in November 2020, Wren asserted that modern design would take over this year, and, with this new survey, it seems the company was right.

You can find out which style your state prefers over on Wren Kitchens, but how about you? Are you on the modern-design train or still firmly on team farmhouse?

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