Is There Still Time to Plant a Fall Garden?

A farmer pulls carrots out of the ground in a garden.
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Gardening isn’t just for spring and summer. You can carry the hobby into autumn as well, but is it too late to get started?

The short answer is, no! You still have time to plant your fall garden, but there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration.

When planning, think about when the first frost might occur in your area, and the time it takes for the seeds you want to grow to reach maturity.

For example, if you want to plant something that takes 12 weeks to reach maturity, just count backward 12 weeks from the predicted date of the first frost. That’ll tell you how long you’ve got left to plant.

Unfortunately, for some plants with longer maturation times, it could already be a bit late, depending on your hardiness zone. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though! There are fast-growing crops, like lettuce, radishes, and Brussels sprouts you can still grow, thanks to how quickly they reach maturity.

August is now in full swing, so do a little math and get to planting those autumnal shrubs.

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