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This Pantry Staple Makes Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg Much Easier

A hardboiled egg is half peeled and sitting next to a split and peeled fully cooked hardboiled egg.
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While vinegar seems to help with just about everything around the home, there’s another pantry staple you might want to grab whenever you’re making hard-boiled eggs.

Instead of boiling your eggs in plain water, add 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda for every four cups of water. When combined with water, baking soda becomes an alkaline solution that can raise the pH of the eggs. This causes the more acidic bonds holding the egg whites to the shells to weaken, making them easier to peel.

But this isn’t the only hack that can help you peel a boiled egg—one of the most well-known came from a viral video last year.

For this hack, you place a freshly boiled egg in a glass of cold water (or refill your pot with cold water), cover the top of the glass, and then shake vigorously. According to Food52, much of the shell will then be gone, and the rest will come off in one easy peel.


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So, next time you have to make deviled eggs, or you just want to add some to a salad, test out these hacks—they could save you some time and mess. Then, you can reuse those eggshells in your coffee.

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