This Bedroom Color Can Increase Your Home’s Value

A wall is painted a deep blue in a bedroom featuring white bedroom and rattan accents.

Whether you’re planning to sell your home now or later, making sure it’s as appealing as possible to potential buyers is incredibly important, and the color palettes you choose can help. In fact, one color in particular in the bedroom could be a real winner.

According to a Zillow and BEHR paint survey, painting your bedroom blue could help increase the value of your home. And no, we’re not talking about nursery baby blue, but much darker shades.

Zillow surveyed 1,300 new homeowners and prospective buyers which paint colors would make them increase their offers on a property. When it came to bedrooms, dark shades— specifically, blues—were the favorite.

Dark-blue bedrooms scored a nine out of 10 and resulted in nearly $1,500 more offered on a home. The deeper shade provides a sense of coziness, while also allowing homeowners to opt for a bold choice without putting off buyers.

Zillow and BEHR recommend a shade like Sojourn Bluee M500-5, which is described as “a deep, calm blue that helps promote a sense of quiet relaxation in bedrooms or study areas.”

Blue has actually been trending for some time now. At the end of 2020, Gabrielle Santiago, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, predicted that blues would be big in 2021 due to their calming effect.

Those same sentiments were echoed by Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative for BEHR, about the Zillow findings.

“Blues, grays, greens, and whites, are timeless, calming colors that allow potential buyers to see a home as a fresh, clean slate,” Woelfel said in a press release, “They can then picture themselves, and their personal furnishings, filling the space to make memories in years to come.”

If you’re planning a bedroom makeover this year, be sure to browse the blues at your local paint store.

[Via Homes and Gardens]

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