Which State Should You Live in Based on Your Favorite Cocktail?

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Your cocktail of choice is personal, but how does your fave stack up against the rest of the U.S.? Find out which state you should live in based on your favorite drink.

Swimwear brand, Pour Moi, analyzed more than 100 million Google searches and 12 months of data to discover which cocktail was the most popular in each state. The overall winner was (drum roll, please) piña coladas!

According to the nationwide data, the tropical pineapple-coconut concoction was the most popular in Google searches, garnering a whopping 2.3 million.

When you break down the data state by state, though, the piña colada wasn’t the most popular in the highest number of states. That honor goes to the Long Island iced tea, which had the highest search rate in 13 states. The second-place finisher was the pornstar martini, which nabbed 11 states.

According to Pour Moi’s map, some regional favorites popped up as well. The South was most curious about the pornstar martini, but if you head to the West Coast, the negroni reigns supreme. As for New England, those states seem to particularly enjoy an espresso martini.

A map of the United States is color-coded to show each state's favorite cocktail.
Pour Moi

Based on this information, should you pack up and move, or does your state’s favorite match your own? At the very least, you might have some new states to visit on your next vacation.

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