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How to Prevent Leftovers from Staining Your Plastic Food Containers

Leftover ravioli sits in a plastic container on top of a red and white checked tablecloth.

You made spaghetti, had leftovers, and plopped them in a plastic container. Now, you’ve got a stained-red mess on your hands. Here’s how you can avoid this next time.

Avoiding food stains on your plastic containers is actually super simple. According to Reddit, all you need is some nonstick cooking spray.

Before you dump your leftovers in the container, spray a light coat of cooking spray over the plastic. Redditors say this provides a protective layer that prevents the container from soaking up the color and smell of the food.

The spray also won’t affect the taste of your food and make it much easier to remove from the container when you’re ready to reheat those leftovers.

If you’ve already got some stained containers, though, don’t give up on them quite yet. There could be a way to save them!

TikTok content creator, @AdiKempler, went viral last year when she showcased how she removes these pesky food stains. You just need some hot water, dish soap, and a paper towel.

But the next time you’re stashing some leftovers for later, just grab that bottle of cooking spray.

[Via The Kitchn]

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