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You Can Use This Herb in Drinks, Dinners, and More

A person inserts a sign that reads "Mint," into a container of the herb.

If you’ve never considered starting an herb garden, now might be the time. And there’s one herb, in particular, you might want to plant thanks to its variety of uses.

The vastly useful plant to which we’re referring is mint. When you grow your own, you’ll have everything from a garnish for drinks to a nice seasoning for dinner. Turns out, it also has some health benefits.

Research has shown that mint can soothe inflamed stomach tissue, and the compounds inside the herb relax muscles in both the stomach and intestines. This makes it easier for food to pass through your body. If someone has ever recommended you drink peppermint tea for an upset tummy, that’s why.

While extensive studies have yet to be conducted on the link between mint and the brain, preliminary findings are promising. One study examined how the scent of the herb affected memory and found that those who were exposed to the smell had better recall ability.

In another study, researchers found that heart attack patients who were exposed to the scent of peppermint essential oil experienced lower pain and anxiety levels during intravenous catheterization than those who were not.

If you’re now sold on growing some mint, the best news is it’s simple to do. You just plant your seeds in a container, and then place it in a spot that gets morning sunlight and partial shade in the afternoon.

Water your mint plants in the morning so the soil will stay moist throughout the day, and that’s it! You can distill your mint into oil, create a tea, or just add a bit to recipes and drinks for a quick flavor boost.

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