This Could Extend the Life of Your Fresh Cut Flowers

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Fresh flowers can’t live forever, but you can prolong their lives. Caring for the stems, feeding them, and keeping their water fresh all help, but the temperature of the water also matters.

If you’re having trouble keeping your fresh-cut flowers alive, some boiling water might do the trick on certain varieties. According to Amy McCord Jones, owner of Flower Moxie, boiling water helps stop bacteria from spreading in specific plants, like dahlias, and even extends their lives.

In fact, Rick Canale, a florist at Exotic Flowers, says boiling water is almost always the right way to go for “woody” stems, which are the thick, hard kind found on plants like hydrangeas and lilacs. It loosens them and enables better hydration.

“If we run into a hydrangea issue, we immerse the stem in hot water and refrigerate them for a few hours,” Canale said.

If the blooms on some of your flowers aren’t opening as quickly as you’d like, McCord Jones advises using hot water on those, as well.

Just cut the stems at a 45-degree angle, and then place them in a vase with some hot water. Let them sit for a minute, and then move them to another vase with cool water. Your flowers will start to bloom in about 20 minutes.

However, do note that using hot water in this way will shorten their lifespan. Still, if you need those blooms to open in time for a special event, like a wedding, this could be just the trick for you.

Next time you get some hydrangeas or dahlias, try putting them in warm water and don’t forget to add a little vinegar, too.

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