This Salad Spinner Hack Will Ensure Your Food Is Totally Clean

A woman presses the top of a salad spinner to dry her greens.

Salad spinners are, arguably, one of the most useful food-prep tools in the kitchen. Not only do they ensure your leafy veggies get clean, but they also help remove excess moisture. But have you been using yours all wrong?

If you remove the perforated bowl, run your greens under the water, and then return it to the spinner to dry, your veggies might not be getting as clean as they could. The trick is to submerge your leafy greens inside the spinner.

First, just add your lettuce, herbs, and other leafy vegetables to the inner perforated basket. Then, instead of taking it out, keep it inside the larger one and run some water into both until your greens are nearly submerged.

Shuffle them to get them clean, pull the perforated basket out, and then let the excess moisture and dirty water collect in the second bowl. Empty and repeat for a thorough clean. Finally, place your drained greens back in the basket, spin them, and you’ve got clean veggies.

Now that everything is squeaky clean, you’re ready to peel and chop!

[Via America’s Test Kitchen]

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