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Quickly Organize Your Pantry for $7 with This IKEA Item

Two pantry shelves are full of groceries.
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Not all of us can have pristine pantries—we’ve got to grab stuff and run, or we’re cooking dinner for our family and organization goes out the window. But there’s a simple $7 IKEA pantry hack that could help.

Arguably, those bags of chips, rice, and snacks are some of the hardest things to organize. They won’t always stand up straight and often get bunched together in the back of the pantry. If you’re tired of this, you can use IKEA’s Variera Pot Lid Organizer to keep those pesky bags in place.

While the organizer is meant to hold the lids of pots and pans, writer Michelle Lau recommends using it as an easy and affordable (again, it’s just $7) pantry organization tool. She advises getting adjustable organizers that stretch, so you can customize them to fit your shelves.

You can lay it on its side or upright and place bags, or even boxes between the prongs. Think of it as a sort of filing cabinet for your pantry items. You don’t have to shove them all in a clear, acrylic bin where they’ll just get crushed and smooshed together.

While you’re in there, you might want to “decant” some items to make everything more orderly and easier to find.

[Via The Kitchn]

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