This Carnivorous Succulent Eats Gnats and Fruit Flies—Really

Purple Mexican Butterwort flowers in a garden.

Gnats and fruit flies are some of the peskiest bugs to get rid of in the summer. But for plant lovers, there’s a simple solution: a Mexican Butterwort.

The Mexican Butterwort is a succulent, carnivorous plant, and it doesn’t just ward off gnats and fruit flies, it eats them. Yes, really.

The bright green leaves, which sprout in the shape of flower, are coated in a sticky substance that draws everything from gnats and fruit flies to fungi. Once attached to the leaves, the succulent starts to break them down with its digestive enzymes. Then, you have no more pesky bugs flying around.

If you want to try this gnat-elimination method, though, you’ll want to buy your plant in late spring or summer, when they’re not in their dormant state (aka, not trapping). Mexican Butterworts enjoy full, direct sunlight, and don’t require any sort of special soil.

You’ll want to create a pool of water below the plant to help it stay moist, but it prefers humid areas.

Can’t find a Mexican Butterwort? No worries! This hack will rid your home of bugs, too.

[Via LifeHacker]

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