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What’s That White Stuff on Your Chocolate? Is It Safe to Eat?

A bowl of chocolate chips sits on top of a checkered table cloth with other chips spilled around it.
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You opened your bag of chocolate chips to make cookies (or eat them by the handful; no judgement) only to discover little white marks all over them. Have they gone bad? Are they safe to eat?

First, feel free to snack on those chocolate chips or that chocolate bar—the white bits are completely safe. They’re a phenomenon called “chocolate bloom,” which is just part of the remelting process.

When your chocolate melts, the fat (aka, the cocoa butter) separates from the other ingredients and rises to the surface. Then, when the chocolate cools back down, it leaves little white marks on the outer layer.

Your chocolate could also be experiencing a similar effect known as sugar bloom. This type of coating looks similar to chocolate bloom, but happens when chocolate is exposed to too much moisture. In this case, the sugar rises to the top and leaves crystal-like marks.

Both types of bloom are edible, though, and won’t affect the taste of your chocolate.

Ultimately, both chocolate and sugar bloom occur due to inappropriate storage. The solution is to pick up some airtight containers for your chocolate to keep it dry, and then store it in a cool location.

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