Cook Chicken Drumsticks Perfectly with This Hack

Three photos show a person inserting drumsticks into an oven rake and then baking them as they hang upside down.

Ever attempted to roast some chicken in the oven, only to discover it didn’t cook evenly? A new social media hack can help you cook those drumsticks perfectly every time.

TikTok content creator, @rajmin2025, uses an oven rack and a sheet pan to roast chicken wings and some perfectly seasoned veggies, too.

In the video, he slides a chicken drumstick beneath the rack, and then pops the joint (the thinner end) between two bars. He then repeats this with several pieces of chicken until the rack is full, and then lifts it to reveal a row of hanging drumsticks.

Next, he just slides the rack back in the oven, but to prevent grease from dripping on the coils, he places a cookie sheet on the bottom rack. In an extra brilliant move, @rajmin2025 places a few vegetables on the cookie sheet so they can catch some extra seasoning as the chicken leg’s drip on them.



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Another genius hack you might want to try is creating seasoning pockets in your chicken. They take little effort, but create big flavor!

[Via Hunker]

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