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How to Save a Mildewed Shower Curtain

a plastic shower curtain has brown mildew stains
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Sometimes, chores get away from us, and if you’re anything like me, it’s usually those you hate the most—like cleaning the shower. But if you’ve put off cleaning your plastic shower curtain for a few months (or 12) and mildew has formed, you don’t have to throw it out.

A bit of bleach and your washing machine is all you need to make that neglected shower curtain good as new again!

Part of the problem with plastic shower curtains and liners is that many of them simply wind up in landfills once they’re thrown away. However, for many of us, they’re a necessary evil.

Keeping plastic liners useable for as long as possible will prevent you from having to buy (and hang—ugh) a new one, as well as reducing their environmental impact. If mildew is the problem, all you need is your washing machine and some bleach.

Forget about scrubbing all that mildew off—just remove stuff it in your washing machine. Add some of your regular laundry detergent and 2/3 a cup of bleach. Run the usual cycle, remove it, and then hang it back up in your shower to dry, or you can towel dry it if you prefer.

If you (unlike me) are a pro at cleaning your shower curtain, liner, and bath mats weekly, you can skip the bleach and go straight for the detergent and vinegar. Plus, if your machine is large enough, you can just launder them all together.

So, next time you spot some mildew sprouting on your shower curtain liner, don’t sweat it—just grab the Clorox.

[Via Martha Stewart Living]

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