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Upgrade the Look of Your Bar Cart with This Design Tip

Two glasses sit next to a decanted bottle of liquor.
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When it comes to home décor, your mind likely goes to wall art, textured throw pillows, and paint colors. However, more specific functional items, like a bar cart, can add some sophistication to your space. The key is making them to look as beautiful as possible, and there’s one quick tip that can help.

Decanting your liquor can instantly upgrade the look of your bar cart if you’ve got some unsightly bottles.

Let’s be honest, most of us are on a budget, which usually means buying alcohol that’s not exactly top-shelf, and that’s fine. There’s some quality, affordable products out there. The issue with placing it on your bar cart, however, is that the bottles might not always be the most attractive in the world. They might feature labels, logos, and artwork you don’t necessarily want to display.

Decanting to the rescue!

You’ve likely heard about the process of decanting wine. In that case, the process is a practical choice because it removes any particles that might have formed during the aging process. It also allows oxygen to aerate the wine.

With liquor, though, decanting is all about the aesthetics, which leaves you free to design your bar car any way you like. This design tip can also be budget-friendly.

Of course, you can purchase brand-new decanters, but there’s also the option to head to thrift and antique stores for ultra-unique pieces. You’ll just need to make sure they have air-tight stoppers and don’t contain any lead, which is dangerous to ingest.

Now, off you go to create that showstopping bar cart!

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