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Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Aug. 30, 2021

Victoria Justice partying in a scene from 'Afterlife of the Party.'
Victoria Justice stars in Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party. Netflix

This week might start off in August, but it’s also the beginning of September. Netflix fans know what that means: a whole lot of new content coming their way.

As per usual, the streaming service will launch a wide array of original films, documentaries, and series, but since it’s the first of the month, it’ll come along with a ton of non-Netflix content, as well. We’re talking romantic comedies, like Letters to Juliet, Academy Award-winning films, like Cold Mountain, and the fantasy classic Labyrinth. 

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve exhausted all your binging options, here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of Aug. 30, 2021:

  • Aug. 31
    • UNTOLD: Crime & Penalties: This documentary follows the hockey team known as the “bad boys of hockey.”
  • Sept. 1
    • How to Be a Cowboy: A cowboy uses social media to carry on ranching traditions as he teaches his son the ropes in this reality series.
    • Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror: This documentary explores 9/11 beginning with Al Qaeda’s formation in the 1980s to America’s response in 2001.
    • A Cinderella Story: Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray star in this early-2000s retelling of the classic fairy tale.
    • Agatha Christie’s Crooked House: Agatha Christie’s novel comes to life in this 2017 adaptation starring Glenn Close.
    • Barbie Big City Big Dreams: Barbie meets another Barbie at a performing arts school.
    • Blade Runner: The Final Cut: The classic film’s “happy ending” is reworked in this alternate version.
    • The Blue Lagoon: Brooke Shields stars in this famous film about a pair of teens stranded on an island.
    • Chappie: A former police droid with new programming and human emotions goes on the run.
    • Clear and Present Danger: Harrison Ford stars as Jack Ryan in this Tom Clancy adaptation.
    • Cliffhanger: After an in-air heist goes wrong, a group searches for stolen cash in the mountains.
    • Cold Mountain: Nicole Kidman and Jude Law star in this Oscar-winning Civil War drama.

  • Sept. 1 [Continued]
    • Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles: The 2001 film brings back everyone’s favorite Australian.
    • Dear John: Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried star in this romance about a couple who fall in love one summer and are separated by a military tour.
    • Do the Right Thing: The acclaimed Spike Lee film coming to streaming.
    • Freedom Writers: A teacher works to help at-risk kids move toward their future.
    • Green Lantern: The Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively superhero film comes to streaming.
    • House Party, House Party 2, House Party 3: All three of the ’90s era House Party films hit Netflix.
    • The Interview: Seth Rogan stars in this film about a TV host and producer who get an interview with Kim Jong-Un.
    • Kid-E-Cats: Season 2: Kitten siblings go on adventures in this animated show.

  • Sept. 1 [Continued]
    • Labyrinth: A girl must travel to a fantasy world in order to save her baby brother.
    • Letters to Juliet: Amanda Seyfried stars in this film about a girl helping a woman reunite with a long-lost love.
    • Love Don’t Cost a Thing (2003): The early aughts remake of the Patrick Dempsey rom-com, Can’t Buy Me Love comes to Netflix.
    • Mars Attacks!: Martians invade earth in this sci-fi comedy.
    • Marshall: The late Chadwick Bozeman stars as a young Thurgood Marshall working as an attorney for the NAACP.
    • Mystery Men: A group of second-string superheroes try to step up when Captain Amazing disappears.
    • The Nutty Professor: A professor invents a weight loss solution but transforms into a narcissist when he uses it.

  • Sept. 1 [Continued]
    • The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps: Professor Sherman Klump is back in the Nutty Professor sequel.
    • Once Upon a Time in America: Robert De Niro stars in this film about a young Jewish man’s rise to Mafia boss in New York.
    • Open Season 2: The animals are back to rescue a dachshund in this animated sequel.
    • Rhyme & Reason: This documentary explores the world of hip-hop.
    • School of Rock: Jack Black stars in this film about a man teaching elementary students the ways of rock ‘n roll.
    • Tears of the Sun: A group of U.S. soldiers attempts to save Nigerian refugees against the wishes of the government.
    • Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins: A successful talk show host returns home to prove himself, but has trouble with his relatives.
  • Sept. 2
    • Afterlife of the Party: A social butterfly who dies in a freak accident has to right her wrongs before entering heaven.
    • Final Account: The last living generation from Hitler’s Third Reich are interviewed in this documentary.
    • Q-Force: A gay spay and his LGBTQ+ colleagues go on missions in this animated comedy series.

  • Sept. 3
    • Dive Club: A group of teen divers explores a mystery after their friend disappears.
    • Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1: The cult favorite series about bank robbers is back for more.
    • Sharkdog: A boy and his half-dog, half-shark best friend go on adventures.
    • Worth: A lawyer works to help victims of 9/11

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