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This Kitchen Aid Can Also Clean Your Glass Shower Door

A black end table sits next to a shower with glass doors.

You can never go wrong with a multitasking product. Everyone loves a two-for-one, right? Now, you can use a common kitchen item to clean your glass shower door.

If you use a dishwasher rinse aid to get all the gunk off your dishes, you can also use it to prevent streaking on your shower doors.

Clear glass shower doors are a design staple in many bathrooms, but cleaning them can get difficult. Not only are they prone to collecting soap scum, but when you do wash them, streaking and watermarks can ensue.

A rinse aid will work because they’re surfactants, meaning they help clean and remove dirt and debris from surfaces. However, one of their other uses is to prevent watermarks and streaks on your plates and cups. They also break down hard water, preventing a film. They’ll do all of the same things on your shower door.

All you have to do is combine a cup of vinegar, two tablespoons of rinse aid, and water in a spray bottle. Shake it up to combine, and then spray it on your shower doors after each use. It’ll cause the water to run right off and prevent any streaks or spots.

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[Via The Kitchn]

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