This Small Appliance Could Help You Sell Your Home


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It’s time to sell your home, and you want to impress prospective buyers. Of course, staging and cleanliness are both crucial, and one small appliance could help you out with that.

When trying to sell a home, most people tackle all the major stuff as early as possible. They tidy up the landscaping, deep clean the place, and might even give a few rooms a new coat of paint. But one small detail you shouldn’t overlook is scent, and that’s where your coffee maker comes in.

“For showings and open houses make sure the kitchen smells nice,” said Juliette Hohnen, a real estate agent at Douglas Elliman. “Light a candle, take out the trash, make some toast, or make some coffee.”

Realtors aren’t the only professionals who recommend using pleasant scents to invite people into your home. Interior designer Paige Kontrafouris told MyDomaine the same thing earlier this year.

“Shockingly, I find the scent of a space to be so important,” said Kontrafouris. “It’s one of the first things that hits you as soon as you enter a room before you even have a second to explore the surroundings, so you better make sure your home is smelling great.”

So, while upgrades and landscaping are both good ideas when it comes to home resale, don’t forget to put on a pot of coffee before that open house.

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