People Are Using Clear Umbrellas as Mini-Greenhouses

a clear bubble umbrella sits on grass.

While the summer gardening season might be coming to a close, there’s a clever hack that should go on your “to try” list for next year. People are using clear umbrellas to make mini-greenhouses.

This isn’t a new idea, but that doesn’t make it any less brilliant. The hack actually started popping up on Twitter in 2015, but its practicality is as golden as ever. Not only is it a simple way to create a more humid space for your heat- and moisture-loving plants, but it’s affordable, too.

To create a mini-greenhouse, you just need some clear plastic bubble umbrellas. It’s also best if your plants are in a circular planter to match the umbrella’s shape or in a few smaller pots that will all fit under the umbrella.

Expand the umbrella and remove the handle—the slide or screw-off kind work best. Then, stake the umbrella into the soil in the pot or in the ground between the smaller pots so it forms a dome.

Boom! You’ve got a mini-greenhouse.

Umbrellas aren’t the only everyday items being used to create homes for plants. If you have houseplants instead of outdoor shrubs, you can convert an IKEA cabinet into an indoor greenhouse.

[Via simplemost]

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