Surprise! You Can Freeze This Easily Spoiled Fruit

Woman placing a container of mixed vegetables in a freezer.

It happened again! You left that poor avocado out just a day too long, and now, it’s all brown and unusable. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this.

You can just freeze that avocado. Yes, really. While you might have heard about people sticking chopped bananas in the freezer for smoothies, you can do the same with avocados and prolong their lives.

The downfall of the avocado is that while it might take a minute for them to ripen, once they do, they pretty much need to be used within 24-48 hours. Instead of scrambling to figure out what kind of avocado dish to make or meticulously planning your menu around a dish that features the fruit, simply peel them, cut them up, and then freeze them.

“Frozen avocado chunks are great to keep on hand,” said Mee McCormick, chef and author of My Pinewood Kitchen. “You can add these to smoothies or whip up a chocolate avocado mousse for a healthier take on dessert.”

But it’s not all smoothies and desserts—you can thaw avocado, too! If you’re making a dish like avocado toast, a side of guacamole, or a spread for a sandwich, this is the perfect trick.

For recipes that star chunks of avocado (think ceviche), this hack, unfortunately, won’t work quite as well. But freezing your avocados isn’t the only way to preserve them. If you’ve already eaten half of one and want it to stay fresh for later, try this hack.

[Via Delish]

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