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Does Lemon Keep Spiders Away?

A spider sits on a bathroom sink countertop.

Even if you don’t have a fear of spiders, you probably don’t want them hanging out in your bathroom. Adding lemon to your home is an oft-cited solution, but does it work?

U.K.-based Victorian Plumbing‘s bathroom design expert George Holland has a trick to share—lemon is an easy DIY solution for keeping those pesky spiders away. He recommends mixing equal parts lemon juice and water then spraying the mixture around the damp areas in your home. Holland also said rubbing lemon peels over your window sills is another handy trick.

But does lemon actually work?

According to a 2018 study, it’s not lemon you want. It’s mint.

The study looked at three different types of invasive spider species and tested three often cited repellents: mint, lemon, and chestnut. During the trials, both mint and chestnut repelled 75% of the spiders across three invasive spider species. Lemon, however, showed no success in repelling any of the three species.

The idea that citrus is the way to keep spiders at bay? You’re likely better off using mint. But like the suggestion for a lemon-based repellent, a mint version is easy to DIY. All you need is a spray bottle, peppermint essential oil, and water. Add five drops to a spray bottle filled with water, shake to combine, and spray in the moist, dark areas you’re most likely to find spiders. Plus, as a bonus, just like with lemon, your home is going to smell amazing with this DIY spider repellent.

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[Via Country Living UK]

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