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Martha Stewart Uses This Unexpected Appliance to Make Eggs

A person scrambles eggs in a glass mug using a milk steamer.
Food Network/Twitter

People have particular ways they scramble eggs. For instance, my dad swears by heating butter, salt, and pepper in the pan before adding his eggs. Martha Stewart’s approach, though, is a bit more unorthodox.

In a video posted to the Food Network’s Twitter account, Stewart suggests using a surprising appliance for scrambling eggs: a milk steamer.

Using a cappuccino machine to scramble eggs is a fun technique to try, even if it does make coffee lovers cringe. To try this method, just add two eggs, butter, salt, and pepper to a glass mug and scramble with a fork. Then, insert the steam wand right into the eggs and let it do all the work.

According to Stewart, the process takes just seconds and gives you the “softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs.” When done, mix the steamed eggs up with a fork and empty them onto a plate or a piece of toast.

If the idea of using a steam wand to make your eggs has you clutching your coffee beans, don’t worry. There are plenty of more conventional ways you can make your morning scramble.

[Via Today]

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