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You Might Be Slicing Your Tomatoes All Wrong

A person shows a hollow tomato slice then a new way to cut for a clean slice.
Aaron Alterman/TikTok

Tomatoes seem pretty easy to cut, right? A knife through the skin, and you’ve got a slice. However, if you’re like me, you lose most of the center of your slice during the cutting process. According to one content creator, this happens because we’re cutting our tomatoes all wrong.

Aaron Alterman, a content creator on TikTok, posted a video showcasing a simple hack for getting the best tomato slice every time.

Alterman explains that we often look at tomatoes with the button pointing upward and assume this means they’re right-side up. As such, we often cut the tomato while they’re in this position. However, when you do, you often end up with a plethora of seeds and much of the center of the tomato on your cutting board.

The solution is to turn the fruit on its side before you slice. When Alterman does so in the video, the slices come out completely intact with little to no seeds left behind.


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Tomatoes aren’t the only fruit where positioning matters when cutting. Holly Haines, chef, author, and recipe developer, recently went viral on Instagram with some peach-cutting advice.

Need more slicing and dicing assistance? It always helps to have the best (and sharpest) tools for the job.

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