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How to Check Your Cooking Oil’s Temp Without a Thermometer

a person inserts a wooden spoon into oil.

If you’re like me, sometimes you might lose track of your smaller kitchen tools. From shears to potato peelers, things just seem to disappear in my messy kitchen drawers. Now, however, thanks to this tip, if my cooking thermometer is missing, I can still monitor the temperature of my cooking oil.

This genius hack comes courtesy of @mamainthekitchen, a TikTok content creator, who needs nothing more than a wooden spoon to check if the oil is hot enough for cooking.

In the video below, she explains that after your oil has been heating for a bit, you just place the end of a wooden spoon or spatula in the oil. If it’s not hot enough, no bubbles will form around the wood, and you should keep heating it.

When you do see little bubbles collecting around the wood, this means the oil is ready to fry. The key, though, is that the bubbles should be small. If you see large, splattering ones, turn down the heat and let the oil cool for a bit before trying again.


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Of course, this is just one of the latest clever kitchen hacks to go viral on TikTok. Many incredibly handy tips from earlier this year make peeling and slicing much easier, and anything that speeds up food prep is a win, right?

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