These Will Prevent Your Sheet From Sliding Off the Mattress

A couple makes the bed.

While some people might not even bother with a top sheet, a fitted sheet is pretty much indispensable. Of course, not all fitted sheets want to stay on your mattress. If you’re tired of all the slipping and bunching, this handy tool will keep that annoying, slippery fitted sheet in place.

Bedsheet straps are an easy, affordable way to ensure your fitted sheet always fits like a glove. These four elastic bands each have three prongs with clips at the end. To use them, you first just attach the four bands to the corners of the fitted sheet.

Next, using the clips, attach the band directly where the seam of the sheet falls, and then clip the other two to the sides of the seam, about an inch or so away.

After you’ve attached all four bands, just put your fitted sheet on your bed as you normally would. The bands will hold the sheet taut and in place so it never slips off or bunches after a night’s rest.

Raytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps

These straps are easy to attach and adjustable for your specific mattress.

While this handy tool solves the problem of those ever-shifting fitted sheets, it doesn’t help you fold them. Luckily, we’ve got Marie Kondo for that!

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