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Are Bar Cabinets the New Bar Cart?

A South Shore Bar Cabinet in a living room.
South Shore

Over the last few years, the bar cart’s popularity has skyrocketed. However, an old favorite might be reclaiming its place as the must-have for an at-home bar.

In some homes, bar cabinets are replacing bar carts, and there are some pretty savvy reasons why this might be the better choice.

Bar cabinets (or liquor cabinets, as they were once called) aren’t your typical living room storage space. Rather, these pieces are specifically designed with your at-home bar needs in mind.

Unlike bar carts, on which items can often get jumbled together and start to look cluttered, bar cabinets have specific sections for everything from glassware to wine. This will help you avoid not only the mess, but also accidental breaks.

South Shore Vietti Bar Cabinet and Bottle Storage

Keep all your liquor supplies neatly organized.

While decadent bottles of decanted liquor and colorful accessories can look beautiful when displayed on a cart, there’s also the unfortunate task of dusting and styling. Not only do these often require a thorough, remove-everything-from-the cart type of clean, but since everything is visible, there’s also the constant need to keep them styled.

A little concealed storage never hurt anyone, but there are certain supplies you’re going to need, whether you get a cart or a cabinet.

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