This Rule Is the Secret to Hanging Photos and Artwork Perfectly

Several framed photos are hung above a couch.

Hanging a photo or piece of art only to discover it’s not at eye level and looks wonky on your wall is the worst. Now, you have to take it down, remeasure, and try again. Turns out, there’s a hack for this.

The 57-inch rule is cited by experts as the most foolproof way to hang to wall art. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but still genius.

Just grab a tape measure and find the spot that’s 57 inches from the floor. This is where the center (not the top) of your piece of art should go. If you follow this rule, your painting or photo should be at eye level. This trick works also for everything from hanging single pieces to anchoring gallery walls.

Craftsman Tape Measure

Hang your art at the perfect height, every time.

Why does this work? Well, it turns out 57 inches is the average eye level of most people. However, there are occasions when this trick won’t work.

According to Heather McKeown, founder of Land and Sky Designs, everyone’s preferences are different, and those also have to be taken into consideration.

“The height needs to feel right to you, the individual who will be the one enjoying this art 90% of the time,” said McKeown. “If your eyeline naturally falls higher or lower than 57 inches, the art placement may forever feel awkward to you.”

McKeown also advises considering the scale of your art. For example, smaller pieces can be hung lower to create vignettes near chairs or seating areas.

If you’re planning a gallery wall, though, the 57-inch rule should help you get started.

[Via The Spruce]

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