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Here’s How Long People Go Without Changing Their Sheets

A woman puts sheets on a bed.

While you might not think about it, sheets can get controversial. If you’ve ever asked someone their opinions on a top sheet, you know this. But have you ever wondered how often people change and wash their sheets?

According to a Mattress Advisor survey, 24.4 days is the average length of time between sheet washes. However, even going over three weeks without washing their bedclothes isn’t shocking to a lot of people. Evidently, people don’t get grossed out by bedding until it hits the 35-day mark.

Are these three-weeks-between-washes people right, and are you one of them? According to the Sleep Foundation, you shouldn’t be.

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The organization recommends washing your sheets weekly, but you can stretch it to two if there are nights you don’t sleep on your mattress. While they might still look clean after three weeks with no wash, keep in mind that you can’t see all the dead skin, bodily fluids, and allergens that collect on the fabric. This can be especially problematic for those with allergies or asthma.

If you haven’t been switching your sheets weekly, now might be the time to go strip that bed. When you’re washing them, be sure to use the proper amount of detergent and maybe skip the dryer sheets.

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