Why You Should Probably Buy Your Holiday Presents Now

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If you’re typically a last-minute holiday shopper, this year might be a good time to break that habit. In case you haven’t heard, supply chain issues and a labor shortage are going to fuel holiday shortages, so shop while you can!

Unfortunately, 2021’s holiday season is set to be marred by an amalgamation of supply chain issues, leading to limited access to goods. Irritatingly, there’s no literal shortage of goods. The main problems are heightened consumer demand and lack of labor.

In 2021, when markets began to open back up thanks to vaccine availability, consumer spending ramped up, as well. With an improving job market and stimulus payments, people started spending their money, which resulted in a boom of products coming into U.S. ports.

Unfortunately, keeping up with the number of goods funneling into the ports has become an issue as the transportation labor force (truck drivers, dock workers, and so on) has dwindled. Those who are working simply can’t keep up with the demand and get goods across the country fast enough.

As a result, ships full of goods manufactured in other countries are sitting in ports and likely won’t be freed up until after the holidays.

This is why you might want to check those gifts off your list now, while goods are still in relatively full supply. As holiday spending ramps up in November—particularly as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach—everything from toys and books to electronics could be hard to come by.

If you want to ensure you can get your preferred gifts for your loved ones (although, having both a second and third choice would probably be a good idea), it’s time to get shopping!

While you’re at it, you might want to get that Thanksgiving turkey, too.

[Via NPR]

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