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7 Etsy Shops That Turn Signatures and Scribbles Into Gifts

Three images displayed in the article below including a cutting board by Honey the Wood, engraved necklaces by Caitlyn Minimalist and a compass by Mirage Engraving.

If you’re looking for a more personal gift to give someone this holiday season, Etsy is a virtual treasure trove! In fact, if you have any old notes, signatures, or handwritten mementos, you can have them transformed into a sweet, sentimental gift your loved one will cherish forever.

Have an old birthday card with a signature or a handwritten recipe from a family member or friend? Just snap a pic and send it over to any of these crafty Etsy shop owners. They’ll transform that precious handwriting into a keepsake that’s sure to get the waterworks flowing.

Whether you’d like to tap into a unique sense of nostalgia or give a gift that holds a special significance, one of these options should do the trick.

First, Create an Account on Etsy

An image of someone browsing on the website Etsy.
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If this sounds like your kind of gift, you’ll first have to create a free account on Etsy if you don’t already have one. It’s a global online marketplace where people can purchase and sell unique gifts. Crafters and independent artists create all kinds of personalized gems, including handmade trinkets and toys, art, jewelry, furniture, and even digital downloads.

Once you’ve signed up and joined this massive community, you can start browsing some of the unique gifts on the site. There is one caveat, though: You’ll want to order these as soon as possible.

Each of the personalized gifts on our list is handcrafted, meaning they can’t even be made until you place your order. Of course, these are also small businesses or, in some cases, just one person, so they can only complete so many orders in a day.

Also, the holidays are hectic for small business owners, as well. There’ll be no guarantee you’ll get your gift in time if you wait, so be sure to order asap. Many Etsy shop owners will post a note about holiday shipping times on their main page or individual listings. You can also message them on the site if you want to make sure you’ll get yours in time.

Now, on to our seven favorite customizable scribble and signature gifts, three of which we’ve purchased ourselves.

An Engraved Signature Wallet

Two images displaying leather wallets with handwritten replicas engraved on th einside of a wallet.

This genuine leather wallet by ScriptLeather is one we’ve purchased in the past. It makes a perfect gift that’ll be cherished for years. You can either choose from one of the provided fonts or find a signature or small note for them to replicate. You also can add a custom aluminum insert card to gift with the wallet.

These are made with quality craftsmanship, shipped promptly, and will make an incredibly thoughtful and well-loved gift. Just be sure to place your order soon if you want one for Christmas.

An Engraved Recipe Cutting Board

An image displaying a replicated recipe, engraved onto a lovely wooden cutting board.

This one makes a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to cook or could just use some new kitchen décor. And we should know—we’ve purchased 10 of them and they all looked incredible.

If you have any of grandma’s handwritten recipes, then just snap a pic and send it to Angelika from Honey the Wood. She’ll then create a gorgeous cutting board featuring an engraved replica of the recipe in the handwriting you provided.

You can even choose the size and type of wood you’d like and add any other personalization you’d like in the description box so she knows exactly what you want.

If you have a generation of home chefs in your family, this makes an incredibly thoughtful gift, best suited as a decorative piece, and looks nice with a bow.

A Personalized Compass

Two images displaying a compass by MirageEngraving.

A compass is an excellent gift for anyone embarking on a new journey, like college or a new career. However, it’s also a great way to celebrate milestones, like a first Christmas with someone.

On MirageEngraving’s shop, you can choose from many engraving options or send over a picture of a handwritten note, and they’ll replicate it. You can purchase a compass without the leather case, but we recommend getting it, as it provides an even more authentic feeling to this special gift.

An Engraved Signature Bracelet

An adjustable leather and rose gold bracelet with a replica of a handwritten name engraved on the outside.

We love everything about this bracelet by ScriptLeather, and it shows because we’ve purchased at least eight of them! You can choose from five leather string colors, and either silver, gold, or rose-gold for your engraved metal.

The expertly crafted signatures look incredible, and each bracelet is carefully packaged in a neat box for safekeeping and shipping.

We found some old birthday cards and letters with signatures from beloved family members, and then had them transformed into these gorgeous works of art. They make a beautiful gift that’s sure to be cherished.

These bracelets are designed for men, but they’re also adjustable, so they can fit even the tiniest of wrists.

An Engraved Necklace

Two images displaying a necklaces by CaitlynMinimalist with replicated handwritten notes engraved on the necklace.

Here’s another extraordinary gift that can transform a simple note into an excellent gift. You can choose a finish, take a picture of your memento, and then send it and/or any personalization you want to the shop owner.

We especially love that this crafter can also replicate children’s drawings, which would make an excellent gift for a parent or grandparent.

Handwritten Message Key Chain

A picture of someone holding up a genuine leather keychaine with an engraved note replicated on the outside.

If you’d like to go super simple with your personalized gift, you’ll love this genuine leather key chain. Pretty much everyone has a set of keys, so this is the perfect solution when you don’t know what to get someone, but don’t want to settle for a gift card.

You can choose from three leather colors (navy, camel, or wood), and then just provide an image of the personalization you’d like added to it. It’s sure to make your recipient smile whenever they grab their keys.

A Custom Engraved Ring

A ring with a replicated signature engraved along the outside, with a gift box that displays how the ring comes packaged.

A pretty ring always makes a good gift. This one works especially well for smaller notes with minimal letters. However, you’ll, of course, have to know your recipient’s ring size. If you don’t, you can take one of their existing rings to a jeweler to find out, or ask a friend or family member who might know.

This 8mm, stainless steel band comes beautifully packaged in a box with ribbon.

The holidays are meant for creating memories, and nothing does that better than giving or receiving a sweet, sentimental gift. If you love giving exceptional presents, then one of our selections is sure to fit the bill. Need more special gift ideas? Etsy isn’t the only place that sells unique handmade goods.

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